Platform Play

€99 / year incl. VAT

  • 1000 tests & platform access for 1 year
  • Invite your group(s) to take the test
  • Explore & present group results
  • Facilitate dialogue & deep learning
  • Create subgroups with maximum (or minimum) variety of perspectives
  • Use research tools to conduct studies
  • Use high-quality educational materials

€499 incl. VAT

  • 5 live online sessions (next training in 2025)
  • Access to teaching materials & platform*
  • 3 transformative learning journeys
  • 7 engaging video-lectures
  • Travel journal, manual & other resources
  • Suitable for many groups and contexts
  • Research-based & extensively tested
  • Facilitate journeys with ease and fun
*Access to platform and teaching materials lasts for a year, which starts once you complete the training

Culture Scan Coaching

coming later in 2024
  • Includes Platform Play
  • Culture Scan of your organization
  • 3 hours of (Zoom) coaching
  • Understand employees' worldviews
  • See cultural fit with your org. model
  • Facilitate game-changing conversations
  • Team & trust building, cultural change, learning & innovation

Included in all plans

  • 1000 tests + platform usage for 1 year
  • Additional tests cost €0.10 each
  • Taxes are included
  • Based on academic research
  • Data are anonymous info
    Test-taker data collected on our platform is fully anonymous and cannot be used to identify individuals. However, when using Research Tools, you are able to identify your research subject's responses, with the test-taker's consent.
  • Easy to use with any group

Free offerings

  • Individuals take the Worldview Test for free.
  • Our free plan lets you try out the platform with up to 28 test takers.
  • We want our services to be affordable for anyone. Please contact us if our prices are a barrier for you.
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